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Our little angel Rebecca was born with a genetic disorder called “1P36 Deletion Syndrome”.  This means she’s missing part of chromosome 1 causing her to be severely impaired. 

Rebecca is unable to walk or talk, has hearing loss, visual impairment, frequent daily seizures and requires to be fed through a feeding tube to supplement her nutrition.  She cannot communicate or do normal daily activities like dressing or feeding and requires 24 hour care. Despite all of her struggles, she is a loving girl with an amazing spirit and always has a smile on her face.

We all love Becca very much and would like to continue to be able to provide her with the best services and medical treatment possible. Unfortunately, everything related to a special needs child like Becca is very expensive.  To help with these costs, donations are greatly appreciated. Every single dollar raised will go directly toward Becca’s daily care.  It will help pay for her special therapy, medical treatment, medication and equipment.

Becca's Wheelchair Conversion


Please help us change the laws in Florida to treat seizures


Parents of children with epilepsy lobby lawmakers over medical marijuana

Cover Story Miami Herald January 5, 2014

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'Glimmer of Hope' for medical marijuana in Florida

Will lawmakers pave the way for pot that won't get you high but might stop seizures?

By Susannah Bryan, Sun Sentinel - December 31, 2013


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Read Becca's story... http://childrensmovementflorida.org/voices/health_care_video/





Becca's Day

Check out this video for the JAFCO Respite and Residential Children’s Center for Children with Developmental Disabilities.

It will give you a little glimpse of what it is like to raise a medically complex child like Rebecca.









All Points Bulletin with Sheriff Al Lamberti radio show (Episode 06.05.2011)


Featuring the BECCA Program, click this link to listen http://www.sheriff.org/assets/podcasts/SHERIFF060511.mp3  




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